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Mobile concrete jaw crushing plant

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Largest Feed:960mm
Discharge Feed:65-260mm
During the processing of the mobile concrete jaw crushing plant
, the whole machine is operated with strong coordination and integrated operation, which saves investment and lowers energy consumption. The mobile concrete jaw crushing station has a small volume, is more convenient to operate, and has a small turning radius. Driving is more convenient and will not cause excessive wear on the road. Mobile concrete jaw crushing plant does not have much requirements for the crushing site, and has a strong adaptability to the operating environment. It is widely used in the operation of mobile stones such as highways, railways, and hydropower projects. Different configurations can be made according to user requirements, with high efficiency and accessories. Complete, specific selection of several stages of crushing and screening system selected according to user requirements, the company has professional technical staff, will provide users with a more appropriate and efficient mobile concrete jaw crushing plant.
Advantages of mobile concrete jaw crushing plant
1. The overall volume is suitable, the turning radius is small, and it can be flexibly driven on ordinary highways and operating areas, and it will not cause road wear during driving.
2. Mobile concrete jaw crushing plant can process materials on site, eliminating the need to remove materials during transportation. One is to save transportation costs and the other is to improve processing efficiency.
3. High degree of integration, strong completeness, saving investment costs overall, saving investment costs for infrastructure construction, and higher overall processing efficiency.
4. The motor and related equipment are integrated, and the degree of coordination during operation is higher. The transportation of materials between various programs is simplified and the efficiency is high.
5. The mobile concrete jaw crushing station generates low energy consumption, effectively reduces dust pollution and noise pollution, and optimizes the surrounding environment.
Working principle of mobile concrete jaw crushing plant
The material is evenly conveyed into the crusher by the feeder. After the jaw crusher is initially crushed, the closed circuit system is formed by the circular vibrating screen to realize the cyclic crushing of the material. The finished material is output by the conveyor for continuous crushing. The jaw crushing mobile crushing station can remove the circular vibrating screen according to the actual production needs, and realize the preliminary preliminary crushing of the material. It is convenient and flexible to use with other crushing equipment.

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