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Safety operation knowledge of vertical roller mill

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-07-07 16:59

Vertical roller mill is one of the most common equipment in powder production line and powder industry. It is widely used in limestone, calcite, dolomite, fluorite, marble and other stones. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other fields. In this paper, the safety use knowledge of vertical roller mill is briefly introduced.
1. In order to ensure the normal operation of vertical roller mill, the equipment "safe operation system of equipment maintenance" should be formulated to ensure the long-term safe operation of vertical roller mill. At the same time, necessary maintenance tools, grease and corresponding accessories should be provided.
2. When the roller device of vertical roller mill has been used for more than 500 hours, the rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time. The refueling tools can be manual refueling pump and grease gun.
3. Vertical roller mill in the use of the process, there should be fixed personnel responsible for the care of the operator must have a certain level of technology. Before the installation of vertical roller mill, necessary technical training must be carried out for operators to make them understand the principle and performance of vertical roller mill and be familiar with operation procedures.
4. The vertical roller mill should be overhauled after being used for a period of time. At the same time, the wearing parts such as grinding roller, grinding ring and blade should be repaired and replaced. Before and after using the grinding roller device, the connecting bolts and nuts should be carefully checked to see whether there is looseness and whether the lubricating grease is sufficient.
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