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Advantages of limestone vertical roller mill

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-06-29 16:59

Limestone is a kind of mineral which is insoluble in water, tasteless and strong chemical resistance. After being made into powder, limestone can be widely used in rubber, plastic, paper-making and other fields. The application prospect is quite broad. So what equipment is needed to make limestone powder? This is a lot of processing plants will have questions, the following is a brief description of limestone vertical roller mill performance.
1. Advanced structure: the main structure of vertical roller mill includes grinding roller, grinding ring, reducer, lining plate, etc. the vertical structure design reduces the floor area, greatly reduces the weight, and is easy to operate and maintain.
2. Excellent quality: advanced manufacturing process, high-end materials for all parts, strong corrosion resistance, less failure, more durable and wear-resistant.
3. Ultra low cost: the energy-saving motor device is set, and the manufacturing cost is greatly reduced when other conditions remain unchanged, saving more than 80000 yuan of capital investment in human and material resources for the processing plant.
4. Affordable price: vertical roller mill is a typical self-produced and self-sale equipment of our company. On the premise of ensuring reliable quality, the manufacturing cost is only one third of the same type of equipment. Therefore, the quotation is low and the rate of return is high.
As a professional manufacturer of grinding mills, Shuguang Heavy Machinery sells a variety of different types of mill equipment, including ball mills, Raymond mills, vertical mills, etc.Welcome to contact us for more details.
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